Seal of the City's of Portland's Sustainability at Work ProgramPBS strives to minimize our impact on the environment, both in our internal operations and in the work we do for our clients. We commit to regularly evaluating our impacts and implementing changes that help reduce the company’s environmental footprint. We strive to continually educate our clients and encourage them to join us in creating a sustainable future.

PBS’ Sustainability Program is based on the principals of The Natural Step and utilizes what is termed the Triple Bottom Line. These include measures of environmental, economic, and social indicators. Our program was developed with these concepts in mind and we continually explore new ideas to achieve our goals.

PBS is a proud Gold-Certified business by the City of Portland’s Sustainability at Work program. Sustainability at Work organizations “walk the talk” of green business, from recycling and reducing energy to bike commuting and community giving. The program provides a portal for residents to connect with businesses making positive impacts on our economy, community, and environment.

The links provided will give you a glimpse into our values, our work and our company. We invite you to join us in our endeavor in finding and implementing solutions to make a better world.