Hattenhauer Trucking Spill Remediation

A semi-truck accident occurred in February 2012 on Washington SR-14 about 14 miles west of Roosevelt, Washington. The truck with a pup trailer was hauling approximately 10,800 gallons of gasoline. The accident forced the truck off SR-14 and into the ditch along the south-side of the road. The tanker caught on fire, which was permanently extinguished 10 hours after the accident occurred. The release occurred in the ditch between SR-14 and the Burlington Northern Santa Fe (BNSF) railroad tracks. The Columbia River is situated to the south of the railroad tracks adjacent to a gravel access road.

PBS installed monitoring wells in the ditch as well as along the gravel access road, then conducted a limited injection of persulfate solution. Monitoring included the collection of surface water samples from upstream and downstream. A second expanded groundwater injection event was undertaken about one year later to reduce contaminant concentrations to within a range of acceptable levels. There was an 85% decrease in gasoline contaminants in groundwater within the zone of the remedial injection. Groundwater monitoring continues to determine if natural attenuation may now be occurring.

Action Environmental Group
Klickitat County, Washington

Scope of Services:

  • Remediation Oversight
  • Soil, Water, & Groundwater Testing
  • BNSF Permitting
  • Agency Reporting
  • Persulfox Injection