Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex

Ridgefield Recreation Complex photo - aerial photo 1

The Challenge
The population of Ridgefield and southwest Washington continues to grow, which has triggered the need for a space where the community can gather as well as a need for a location for sports fields, especially fields with artificial turf that extend the playing season. The goal for the Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex (RORC) was to fulfill these needs and provide an exceptional venue for soccer, baseball, softball, lacrosse, track and field, and football.  The desire was to create a scene for high school sports, wood bat league baseball, regional sports tournaments, and community events.

To accomplish this ambitious project, several key issues and challenges were addressed.  The properties comprising the RORC site were owned by both the Ridgefield School District and City of Ridgefield, which created a complexity as each owner had needs that the project would be serving.  The site was a vacant lot ideally located across the street from the existing high school, next to a proposed middle school, and centrally located in the community, but providing a site plan to accommodate the desired uses while maintaining proper access for the schools, wood bat baseball league and community recreation was a challenge.

Further challenges included space constraints within the site area due to the number of fields desired, associated parking lot, community building, and utilities to serve the fields, as well as existing sensitive areas to work around.  The City of Ridgefield takes pride in the natural environments in and around the City, therefore the impact to sloping areas with trees and wetlands found onsite were minimized to be utilized for educational as well as passive recreational purposes.

Schedule was another challenge for this project, as it was broken out into five phases of its own, not including the adjacent school project and road improvement project tying into the entrance of the project.  The RORC site improvements were broken into two phases and the frontage improvements was broken into three phases, including a phase for the first traffic signal in the City of Ridgefield.  While each phase had its own challenges, the timing between the phases were crucial as they were funded by different sources, and physically required to be tied into one another.

The Solution
The City of Ridgefield and Ridgefield School District partnered together to develop a 53-acre regional recreational site featuring multi-purpose sports fields, a playground, plaza areas, community building, and a variety of walking trails. The site is owned by both the City and the School District and has space to accommodate fields for a multitude of sports and parking lots that will be shared by the facility and the school.

The project team generated a site plan to fit the needs of both owners and provided as much value to the community and school as possible. The Ridgefield Outdoor Recreation Complex has the capacity to host sports tournaments as well as activities such as concerts, festivals and other gatherings.  With the lack of sports fields in the region, especially artificial turf fields with lights, Ridgefield Outdoor Complex is a much-needed community resource that came to life with this project.

PBS was the prime consultant hired by the City of Ridgefield, Washington to provide civil engineering, environmental analysis, traffic engineering, and construction surveying for a new sports complex, including a baseball stadium, four multi-use fields, a community building, and recreational trails.  Initial work included extensive community involvement to identify key features to be included in the project.  The project required widening of the Hillhurst Road adjacent to the project and installation of a traffic signal at the main entrance.  During the design the City identified plans to bring a college wood bat league team to the City and the RORC site was identified as the location for the home stadium. Plans for the complex were revised extensively to provide permanent seating, concessions, and a variety of seating options to the baseball stadium to facilitate the new team. The project was completed on a fast track to be open to the public for a community festival in September 2018 and design was completed within budget.

Client: City of Ridgefield

Location: Ridgefield, Washington