Toyo Tanso USA

Toyo Tanso USA (TTU) is a large manufacturer of graphite components supplying various high-tech companies throughout the Pacific Northwest. The facility operates processes that generates various waste streams, all of which require a determination for proper disposal methods.

PBS was contracted by TTU to sample and provide a determination of spent by-product from a process known as graphitization. After sampling, PBS provided documentation and identified the means for beneficial off-site recycling of the material. This represented a substantial savings for TTU in decreasing their disposal costs and providing a valuable material for another company.

PBS also provides technical assistance as it relates to compliance issues and on-call environmental services. PBS provides waste minimization consulting services to TTU, in their efforts to accomplish environmental compliance and reduce operating costs.

Toyo Tanso USA, Inc.
Troutdale, Oregon

Scope of Services:

  • Waste Determinations
  • Quarterly Compliance Audits
  • Safety Committee Assistance
  • Waste Minimization Program